Sister steals $20 from brother & you'll NEVER believe how he gets back at her!

Aww, siblings ... you gotta love them otherwise you just might kill them. No matter how well you get along with your sibling there comes a time when you will do something to piss them off and they will do something to get you back. That's just how it is. Some siblings are really creative when it comes to revenge. Take for example, redditor tyler123321. It appears that his sister stole $20 from him and he just had to get back at her, but he found a clever way of doing it. Check it out!


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What this brother did to get back at his sister is hide her her science presentation in a maze of folders (with sub-folders) in a usb drive. Oh and in case you think all she needs to do to find the file is search for the file name, he changed the file name as well. Another nice little touch is that he added dozens of Power Point files that only include a troll face. He's pretty certain that his prank will stump his sister because as he puts it, "Yeah she's about as tech savy as my dog." I find it ironic that he misspelled savvy.

I feel pretty bad for his sister, but I guess she shouldn't have taken her brother's money. Years from now, she'll be able to look back at this and laugh. At the moment, she is probably busy plotting her revenge at her brother's revenge.

The mother in me hopes that aside from just getting each other back they also have each other's backs when necessary.

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