Little boy finds his mom's humongous dildo, hilarity ensues (VIDEO)

Warning: There's a hysterical video of a little boy who found his mother's dildo buzzing around the internet that might make you pee in your pants! First of all, let's talk about the size of this thing. His mom must have a thing for abnormally large penises because that dildo looks like it's at least a foot long. At least! There's nothing wrong with getting a little pleasure here and there from a dildo. A girl has needs. But PLEASE put it somewhere your kid can't find it!


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If you thought this video was going to be insanely disturbing, then you're in for a surprise. It's actually HYSTERICAL. So funny that I laughed so hard and still don't know how I didn't bust my bladder. The kid is really having a blast with his mom's thingy. At first she looks disturbed, maybe even embarrassed and starts chasing him around the bed trying to grab it. You can even hear a guy in the background seriously cracking up. "Stop laughing you idiot, it's not funny," she says to him annoyed. But after seeing how much fun her son was having with it she couldn't help but laugh out loud herself.

I'm not even trying to judge this mom. So she has a dildo--big deal! It's freaking huge as hell, but that's her business (and preference) obviously. My only thing is if you're going to have something as graphic looking as that in the house and you have a young child on top of that, then you should probably place it in a very discrete place your kid will have no way of finding.  Because, seriously, that dildo is no Brookstone vibrator. You can't even try to pretend it's a back massager or a flashlight.

So save yourself the awkward explanation and kid-proof your house ladies. That's all I'm asking! And watch the video to get today's good laugh:

Image via YouTube

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