Your kids probably have apps for movies, games and music on their phones and tablets, but a more helpful use of that coveted memory card space might be a few homework apps that will make keeping track of assignments, grades, and exams a whole lot easier. There are even fantastic apps that will help your children ace their homework and save you some money! Check out six of our favorites: 


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School Assistant+ ($2.79): This app is the perfect tool to help your kids stay organized throughout the school year. Your child can input homework assignments and upcoming exams as well as set reminders for them and chart their grades. But the coolest features of School Assistant+ are the Google Calendars integration and a feature that notifies the user when a class has started and automatically mutes the phone for the duration of the class. There's a free version, but we think the upgrades are worth the price.

Calc Pro ($7.99): You could pay $15 to $20 for a scientific calculator at an office store, or you could spend $8 and convert your iPhone or iPod Touch into one. In fact, Calc Pro also has graphing and statistical capabilities, so your kiddo will really get your money's worth. There's even a currency converter, so you may get some use from it outside of the classroom. 

HomeWork (Free). Ideal for younger children, HomeWork features timetables for the day and week with assignments and exams listed for each subject on each day. You can define your own subjects as well as start counters for homework that hasn't been completed.

SparkNotes (Free). Similar to old-school Cliffs Notes, SparkNotes features 50 pre-installed literature study guides, including those on poetry, philosophy and drama. The study guides can be accessed offline and users can start or join mobile study groups. There is even Facebook integration.

My Gradebook ($0.99). My GradeBook is ideal for parents hoping to keep tabs on their kids' progress between official reports, in that it allows you to input assignments along with their corresponding grades, as they are received. All of the data entered can be backed up on Dropbox (a free file-hosting service) and shared between parents and their children. This app features both percentage- and points-based grading sytems. Premium ($2.99). Give your kids access to over two million definitions and synonyms with this reference app, including medical, legal and financial content, for more advanced studies. Premium features of the app include voice search, example sentences and audio pronunciations, for a comprehensive experience.

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