Now that back-to-school shopping is complete and your kids are arriving home each day with backpacks full of permission slips, library books, homework assignments, and who knows what else, chances are you're trying to figure out just how you're going to keep track of everything over the course of the next nine or 10 months. To keep frustrations, chaos and clutter at bay, you'll need to be ultra-organized. How can you do this? Well, read on for some pretty genius organization ideas.

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Check out the photos below for organizational ideas that will keep you and your kids from going cuckoo this school year:

Over-the-Door School Supplies Organizer 1

Everything from highlighters to paper clips and sticky notes has its own place in this super-convenient over-the-door shoe organizer turned school-supplies central.


Organized Outfits 2

Save time and hassle by selecting all of your child's outfits for the week on Sunday night, and clearly labeling on which day each should be worn. You can do this with boxes, baskets or shelves, but I love these DIY closet labels.


Hanging Clipboards 3

Assign each child their own clipboard and a place to hang it on the wall, and you'll always have somewhere to keep important memos and homework assignments that everyone can access as needed.

Locker Storage 4

Keep your middle- and high-schoolers organized on-site by helping them create a system for storing supplies in their lockers. A fun bin can be used to keep pens, toiletries and more from getting lost.


Lunch Filling Stations 5

Another time-saving idea is to designate lunch stations in your fridge and cabinets that are always stocked with items that will allow you and your kids to pack a healthy lunch on the fly: meat, cheese, jelly, condiments and sides in a couple of baskets in the fridge and storage containers, thermoses, utensils, bread and dry snacks in an easy-to-reach cabinet. Insta-lunch!