2-year-old walks home ALONE from day care & thank God she's OK

It was Louise Hilton's third day of nursery school. The 2-year-old had been dropped off at Windmill Hill Nursery in Runcorn, Britain by her 30-year-old mother Samantha. No biggie. Samantha was planning on picking Louise up at 2:30, but at 1:50 someone knocked on the door and when Samantha answered, she found Louise standing there and saying,"I have walked home on my own, aren't I a big girl?" The 2-year-old had walked home by herself for over half a mile!


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Somehow Louise got out of the nursery without anyone noticing and walked all the way home. Her solo journey took her past a pub, through two underground subways, and past a canal (she can't swim). Anything could have happened to that little girl on the way home. Can you imagine?

Of course her parents are LIVID. Her father, John, informed police and early investigations suggest that Louise got out through a door left open by workers. This is absolutely unacceptable. How could the nursery staff NOT notice that the child was missing?!

"The school has not given me an apology and I have contacted the appropriate authorities as I just want every child who goes to that school to be safe," dad John Hilton said. That school is lucky that all Hilton wants is an apology. I imagine many a parent would have lost their NUT over something like this happening to their child.

I am so happy that Louise was not hurt on the way home. She is obviously a very bright child. She's only 2 years old and was able to maneuver her way home from half a mile away. That's truly amazing. Sometimes I get lost just going to the corner store and I am MUCH older than she is.

It's also amazing that not one single person noticed that a 2-year-old was walking around alone. What's up with that?

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