During back to school season everyone seems to focus on the kids. What the kids need, supplies, clothes, meals, the whole shebang. What about the parents? There are parents out there who are worn out by the end of summer. They are ready to kick their kids out of the house for back to school and have no problem sharing their excitement with the world. I mean, parents love their kids, but we're also only human, right?

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These HILARIOUS pictures that show us how some parents feel about their kids going back to school are awesome. Check them out, laugh, and go on and admit that you might be a little happy that your kids are back in school.

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Here let me help you 1

Here let me help you

Image via willynate/Reddit

This dad has no problem dragging his son back to school. Very funny. The kid's a great sport for playing along.


Jumpin' for joy 2

Jumpin' for joy

Image via ArticSpyder/Reddit

Looks l like mom is a natural born cheerleader.


Gravity defying 3

Gravity defying

Image via kaybaaakes/Reddit

This woman's joy is almost making her fly. Can you blame her with six kids?

Let's get this party started! 4

Back to school? I'll drink to that!


Surrender 5


Image via brom333/Reddit

Kids might not find this sign amusing, but parents do.