Porn star speaks: How to prevent your daughter from getting into X-rated films

If you've ever wondered what inclines a woman to become a porn star, then your question is about to get answered. Former porn star actress and blogger Jessica Ketcham spoke to The Huffington Post about her experience in the industry and how she believes that the relationship you have with your parents may influence that decision.

The actress who first started out doing porn as a part-time job while getting her  college degree finally left and has some interesting tidbits to share. After completing her run in the porn industry, Ketcham tells parents that they may be the key factor to preventing their daughters from going into adult films.


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I'm certain NO parent wants to hear that their little girl wants to become a porn star. Ketcham breaks down the reasons women go into porn for every parent out there to know. Considering her experience and time in the industry, she offers some earth-shattering insight that you won't want to miss out on.

If you think your daughter might have thoughts (God forbid) about going into the porn industry these are the warning signs to look out for:

You act like her friend, not her parent: If you've never established yourself as a parent and never set boundaries for your kid, you're setting her up for low self-esteem and bad social skills. 

You are not in tune with her emotional state: Parents are expected to learn their kids' habits and instinctually know when something is wrong. If you aren't aware of this then you may end up distancing yourself from your child.

You don't have a handle on your OWN sexuality: If you're too prude or promiscuous you may misinform your daughter about sex. If you're too gung ho about abstinence or have had one too many men in and out of your life, you're not setting up a good emotional or intelligent example about it.

She was sexually abused: A 2012 study that focused on prostitution found that a lot of the women were sexually assaulted as children and as a result engaged in riskier sex behaviors.

Her friends want to be like overly sexualized pop stars: Depending on the celebrities her friends look up to can peer pressure her to pursue that type of lifestyle if you aren't there to pull in the reigns. 

She gets a smartphone too young: Smartphones are one of the main gateways to expose your daughter to the social media world and sexting craze.

You never taught her about healthy hobbies: If you spoil your kid in more ways than one you're preventing them from getting in touch with their spirituality. Instead of learning about community service or other forms to embrace spirituality, your kid will seek validation is unhealthier ways.  

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