It's back-to-school season! Exciting time for all involved. Now during this time of the year, students get a lot of attention. We're thinking about all the things they need: supplies, clothes, and lunches. What about the teachers? Let's not forget about the teachers. This is a HUGE time of the year for them as well and it's never too early to get in good with them show them some appreciation.

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Why not gift your kid's teacher with a small little something that lets them know that you are grateful for all they do and that you are looking forward to a wonderful scholastic year? I love these six pun-ny teacher appreciation gifts because they are thoughtful and humorous.

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Pastry pun 1

Pastry pun

Image via Confetti Sunshine

Give your child's teacher a donut and a chuckle.

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Useful pun 2

Useful pun

Image via love the day

I love that this punny gift is something useful.

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Caffeinated pun 3

Caffeinated pun

Image via longing for home

This is what I would want if I were a teacher, a reusable mug with a gift card for coffee and a clever pun.

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A twist on a classic pun 4

A twist on a classic pun

Image via the fickle pickle

I love this twist on the classic of giving a teacher an apple. So cute!

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Sweet pun 5

Not to brag or anything, but I make good cookies so I am certainly going to use this idea.

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Herbal pun 6

Herbal pun

Image via via PB&J Stories

Why not give a teacher some tea to help soothe nerves? I think it's a tea-rific idea!

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