Truth Be Told: Everyone leave Miley Cyrus alone!

Miley Cyrus, Robin ThickeBy now, unfortunately, the entire free world has seen the train wreck that was Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke's VMA performance. In case you missed the live twerking teddy bears, Beetlejuice suit, or the foam finger molestation on Sunday night, and haven't seen it on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook, you can see it below.

I have to say that as a mother, I was a little sad after watching it. I was sad that Tisch and Billy Ray Cyrus didn't sit Miley down and say, "Sweetie, twerking all over stage with your tongue hanging out surrounded by gyrating teddy bears while a grown ass, married father pushes up on you is not going to win you any favor with parents, women or people over the age of 30." But they didn't.


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The reaction to the performance itself has me horrified. As a mother of young girls, I am afraid for my girls to grow up in a society so quick to judge and shame its women while leaving men totally unaccountable. I am disturbed because the entire Internet is disgusted by her "bad behavior," but barely acknowledging that Robin Thicke was on stage. 

Let's get it clear: There were two adults on the stage Sunday night--Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. The performance was choreographed, approved, practiced and rehearsed. Miley wasn't a drunk broad in a club who sprung her ass on Robin Thicke on the dance floor and sexually harassed him. He knew it was coming. He was a willing participant. Has anyone listened to the lyrics to Blurred Lines? Just because his song is catchy doesn't mean its right. Is our society so into slut shaming that we blame the woman, every single time?

I am afraid for my daughters. I am afraid for all women because not only do we live in a time when the men are trying to assert control over our bodies, but us women are even participating in the slut shaming and woman hating. We close our eyes and tell our daughters to behave and play nice and the moment a woman embraces her sexuality, she's called out for being a deviant.

Mothers, stand up for your daughters. Say, No more! Embracing your sexuality is not a sin. Men have known this for years but allowing two people to commit the same so-called moral crime on stage and only seeing one as doing something wrong is messed up. If you think Miley Cyrus is a whore, so is Robin Thicke.


 Image Via MTV

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