The 5 craziest requirements to attend school ever

Without discipline and rules, schools would be running wild with misbehaving children. Understandably, some of those rules make sense and are necessary, but what about ridiculous rules such as having female students undergo virginity tests? That is what was ALMOST required of Indonesian girls entering their senior year of high school on Sumatra Island.

The proposal was brought forward by Muhammad Rasyid, the head of the education office, to prevent girls from engaging in premarital sex and prevent prostitution. However, Indonesian officials shot down the idea claiming that it violated human rights and was discriminatory. Thank god!

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The Huffington Post reports that Rasyid is adamant about his law and says that it would protect children from prostitution and "free sex." Many other officials are against it and say that children should be cared for instead of judged and that the budget money could be placed towards more useful things.That's for sure!

Not surprisingly this isn't the first time we hear of some crazy laws either in our neck of the woods or around the world. In fact, we've rounded up some of the most absurd school rules ever! You will be shocked at what you're about to learn goes on in some of your kids' schools...

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