Seriously, I am already starting to hyperventilate when I think about my daughter leaving for college at the end of this month. I've already experienced a few mini breakdowns. But there are six things that I won't miss about dealing with a teenage girl at home:



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Living with a moody teenager: I am really nervous to see my mom's reaction when she comes to visit soon and she hears how falta de respeto my daughter can be when she's in one of her moods. One minute she's a brat (and that's a nice way to put it), the next minute she's amazingly nice (especially when she wants something); then she doesn't talk; the next you can't shut her up. I never know what to expect from one day or one minute to the next.

The "know it all" attitude: My husband and I have gone from authorities, valuable sources of information to we know nothing and we're totally incompetent as it relates to most subjects. On the other hand, she knows it all and has all the answers. She often reminds us that, "it was very different back then when you were growing up" and in my case, "in America" versus the old country of Chile.

Her as the center of our universe: I think Carolina forgets that she has a brother and that I have a husband. It will be nice to spend some quality time with my husband and son, have them choose the restaurants and places we go to. Most appealing to my son will be that he will now be able to reap the benefits of spending my hard-earned money on things he likes (sneakers) rather than spending it all on his sister.

Her hyper active social life: Whether it's staying up waiting for her to come or setting the alarm to make sure she makes it home, both drain me of sleep and energy. The constant worries about her having parties at home or going to parties where underage drinking dominates has added a whole other dimension to my stress levels.

Fighting over the playlist: I don't mind listening to a variety of music. But Techno, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and Club music playing at all times is not exactly my idea of a varied playlist. And not exactly relaxing! I look forward to bringing back Alicia Keys, Alejandro Sanz and Shakira's "oldies" back!

The role social media plays in our lives: I feel like my daughter and our family are constantly on stage posing for the various social media platforms she engages with (Instagram, Vine, Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter.. ). You should see some of the family moments that have ended up on cyberspace without my knowledge! And on the others, how many pictures of my daughter in the same shy, duck face pose can someone endure?

She is my best friend. So what's ironic is that the same things that annoy me to no end will probably be the things that I'll probably miss most except for when she's falta de respeto. That one I can do without!

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