"Momma Perez" Sings Perez Jr. A Spanish-language lullaby! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Duérmete Mi Niño ... It's a Spanish-language lullaby we've all heard as Latinos. Our moms sang us the lullaby as they rocked us to sleep as babies and the tranquil and relaxing sounds put us to sleep faster than two bottles of Nyquil and some Ambien. ¿Te recuerdas?


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Momma Perez (AKA "Teresita," AKA Perez Hilton's HILARIOUS mom) knows the song, too and in an exclusive (and adorable!) video to MamásLatinas, Mama Perez belts out the Spanish lullaby JUST for our readers!

Plus, our favorite Cuban abuelita tells us what she loves to do with her grandson. "I love to play with him, take him out in his stroller. I'm so happy to have a grandson who's so beautiful," she gushes. "He is my great treasure."

Oh, and did we forget to mention that the Queen of all Media also makes an awesome cameo appearance in the video? What are you waiting for: Hit "play" on the video below!

Image via YouTube

Do you sing the same song to your kids now?

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Do you sing the same song to your kids now?

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on Aug 2, 2013 at 4:06 PM
Saludos desde Puerto Rico. Me encanto este video ya que todo estaba en espanol. Muy biennnn. A seguir cantandole asi.
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