12-year-old busted for buying over $3000 in candy & that's one bad sweet tooth!

A 12-year-old French girl was recently busted after attempting to purchase some $3,440 worth of candy and other treats with bad checks. Um...oops! She must have a HUGE sweet tooth!

On Thursday, local police revealed that the girl had actually stolen a checkbook from a neighbor back in March. Over the past several months, she had been using them to buy candy and other sweets from local bakeries. Wow, that is one seriously mischevious little girl.


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Her actions were uncovered after one of the bakeries tried to deposit 23 of the checks—and they all bounced! She was apprehended, questioned by police and eventually released... but not before her parents had to agree to pay the bakery back.

Yikes! Is it me or are we seeing more and more of these cases lately? Little kids are getting hold of their parent's credit card or checkbook and racking up these huge charges without even noticing. In fact, just earlier this week, we heard about those 7-year-old twins who managed to charge an astonishing $3000 on iTunes, all to get the latest upgrades on their favorite iPad game. It's crazy!

I just hope that in this particular case, the girl's parents found some way to discipline her so that she could truly learn her lesson and realize her actions were wrong. When I was her age, I would've never dared to steal an adult's checkbook, let alone actually use it! Although to be totally honest, I can't say it's completely and totally her fault. After all, who accepts a check from a 12-year-old?!

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