Truth be told: Would you break the law to protect your children?

A judge in Oklahoma City awarded custody of a 6-year-old little girl to her father, 55-year-old Nicholas Elizondo, who is a known registered sex offender in Bakersfield, California. The judge claimed there was no law keeping the child from her father and he questioned the mom's motives.

The little girl's mom, Lisa Knight, was not happy that a judge would grant sole custody to her ex-husband who was convicted of lewd or lascivious acts with a child. Who would be?


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Elizondo was granted supervised visitation but after Knight allegedly stopped allowing him to see the little girl, claiming that his 17-year-old son had touched the little girl inappropriately, Elizondo filed for sole custody.

If you ask me, this all sounds like a lot of grown ups using that child as a weapon against one another. I'm wondering why a woman would marry a man she never felt safe having children with in the first place. If there is any merit to her claim that he allowed his son to touch the little girl, Knight has every right to do whatever is in her power to protect that little girl. There is nothing I wouldn't do to protect my child from harm.

I'd run. I'd take my little girl and run as far away from where they were looking for me as possible. I wouldn't care if there were warrants for my arrest, I'd do whatever it took, legal or illegal action, to keep my little girls safe. No judge in the world could make me hand my daughters over to a man who I knew was truly capable of molesting her or worse. I'd fight my ex-husband, I'd fight the system and I'd even fight anyone who tried to rip my child from my arms. There is no sacrifice too great or anything I wouldn't do to keep my child safe.

It is our jobs as parents to do whatever is in our power, stopping short of nothing less than death, to protect our children. We bring them into the world with the implication that we will care for them until they are old enough to do so for themselves. If that means running from the law, hiding a child from her father, never being seen again or worse, then that is just what has to be done. The child is the priority. A courtroom can never act on behalf of the best interest of a child more than a loving and dedicated parent because parents care with their heart and see beyond the obvious, we care for our children for who they were, who they are and who they will someday be.

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