Michael Jackson's eldest son, Prince, was only 12 when the King of Pop was found dead that fateful day in June four years ago. And yet, I'm sure he'll never be able to erase the horrific image of his father's limp body from his mind. Prince was the first family member to testify in Jackson's wrongful death lawsuit against promoter and producer AEG Live.

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The teen, who's now 16, described seeing Dr. Conrad Murray trying to revive his father, whose body was half way off the bed with his eyes rolled into the back of his head, according to the Los Angeles Times. He also talked about how he tried to reassure his younger siblings that angels were looking over their father, and that everything would be okay as they rushed to the hospital.

I can't even imagine how terrifying and confusing those final moments must have been for these three children, but the most heartbreaking part of Prince's testimony was the hour he spent speaking lovingly about his father. The teen recounted happier times with the help of family photos and home videos that gave the jury a public glimpse of Michael Jackson, the father.

I always thought it was crazy that everybody seemed to have something to say about the pop star's parenting abilities based on one or two things we were privy to in the life of a very private artist. Despite all the rumors, accusations and chismes, the truth is that Michael Jackson was just a papi in the eyes of his three kids and his loss must have been brutal.

Today's my dad's birthday and despite it being nine years since he passed away, not a day goes by that I don't think about him and how much I miss him. Although the death of a parent is unbearable regardless of your age, I can't fathom what it would have been like for me if he had died when I was a child and under shady circumstances like those of Michael Jackson. ¡Pobres niños!

Image via Los Angeles Superior Court

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