Father's Day 2013: Perez Hilton on why being a single dad is easier than being a single mom (EXCLUSIVE)

When Perez Hilton welcomed his first son Mario Armando Lavandeira (AKA Perez Jr) into the world back in February, the Cuban-American blogger learned first-hand what it's like to be a single parent--changing diapers, spending quality time with his son, feeding him, bathing him, entertaining him and buying him countless toys.

In short, doing all of the things that a good parent does for their child. But four months later, Perez isn't complaining. In fact, the 35-year-old "Queen of all Media" told MamasLatinas exclusively that it's easier to be a single dad than it is to be a single mom.


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"Being a single mom is probably harder because not only do you have to do everything a single dad does, but many moms also pump and breastfeed!" he says. "I didn't have to do that—but I would have if it was possible!" he jokes.

But breastfeeding aside, Perez says he's got this whole being-a-single-dad thing down pat. "I am an expert at changing poopy diapers!" he proudly tells us. "The key is lots of Aquaphor after every changing…whether poopy or not!"

Perez adds that everyday with his son Perez Jr., is a "fun-filled adventure" and when we asked him what he loves most about being a dad, he said, "Knowing that I get to wake up the next day, see my son's face and do it all over again!"

Perez is also in awe of how quickly his son develops and changes. "This week, my son discovered his mouth. Everything is going in there now!" he says.

Perez Jr (or "Mayito," as Perez and Perez's mom call him at home) hasn't said his first word yet, but Perez says "he's cooing a lot and it's the most adorable thing," adding, "he loves his daddy!"

And when he does say his first word, it will probably be in Español.  "I speak to him only in Spanish in the house, and so does abuela," Perez explains. "In the outside world it's English."

Perez Jr. has brought so much happiness and love into Perez's life and he can't wait to celebrate his very first Father's Day on Sunday.  "I am not much of an entertainer at home. I prefer to do that outside of the house. But, for my first Father's Day, I'm having a party at my place and inviting family and friends to celebrate the special occasion!" he tells us.

And because we have such a great mom community at MamasLatinas, we asked Perez to tell us the best gift a mom can get her hubby for Father's Day. "A night at a hotel for some sexy time!" Perez said.

Sounds good to us!

Image via Perez Hilton