There are many ways to express your love for your significant other, but have you ever thought of licking each other's eyeballs? This has become the norm among some Japanese students. Oculolinctus otherwise known as eyeball licking, has become a form of affection between couples.

Take that in for a second…yeah, it's PRETTY GROSS! This new fetish is hopefully going to be short lived, because it's been causing lots of eye infections and can even make you go blind. AHHH!

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If you're disgusted by this then you're in the minority since apparently oculolinctus also known as "worming," is not just popular in Japan, but in other countries too! The gross form of PDA was discovered by Japanese website Naver Matome which features YouTube videos of people engaging in eyeball licking.

The site learned of a school where many students were seen wearing eye patches all because their eyes became infected after engaging in this eyeball licking craze. Some were even as young as 12-years-old! says the trend may have been influenced by a Japanese band's music video and it's been seen in manga Japanese comics. One young woman told the Huffington Post that she and her boyfriend practiced eyeball licking for years and that it aroused her.   

Well, she and her other eyeball licking buddies are going to have to STOP as doctors say this fetish is VERY dangerous. The medical site, warns those who engage in the act that it can transmit bacteria that can lead to conjunctivitis or a specific pink eye called trachoma that can cause Chlamydia.

Ophthalmologist David Granet heeds that eyeball licking is extremely unhygienic and says, "There are ridges on the tongue that can cause a corneal abrasion. And if a person hasn't washed out their mouth, they might put acid from citrus products or spices into the eye." He compares it to wearing dirty contact lenses and says this can even lead to blindness because it ends up damaging eye tissue.

I know they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it doesn't mean you have to try and devour it! I for one could NEVER engage in this act because my eyes tend to be prone to infection as I learned using contacts, and most of all, it's one of the grossest things I've ever seen. Maybe now is the time for condom manufacturers to take advantage of this craze and make tongue rubbers or something. At least it will protect against that eye Chlamydia going around!  

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