'What makes a baby' is the book all parents have been waiting for!

Telling your kids where babies come from is one mortifying experience every parent can relate to. But now that awkward talk is a LOT easier thanks to author and sex educator Cory Silverberg's picture book: What Makes a Baby: A Book for Every Kind of Family and Every Kind of Kid.

This book doesn't sugarcoat the 'birds and the bees' for your kids, but it won't be too much for them (or you) to handle. Basically, it gives every kid the answers they are looking for in the most straightforward, realistic manner you can ask, all while taking in to account that some kids have one parent, a mom and a dad, or two moms or two dads. 


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Silverberg and Smyth make sure that the book is honest and teaches the curious reader about conception, gestation, and childbirth. It is targeted towards children ages four through eight and avoids the cliché sex talk we've all heard before. The book even has its own reader's guide for parents where Silverberg explains his approach in each chapter!

What makes the book super special though is that the author made sure to give it a modern twist by keeping it vague as far as gender and body parts go. He explains it this way: "Most women have a uterus. But not every woman does. And for that matter, not every woman who has a uterus has one that either can or will be home to a growing fetus at some point in their lives."

Silverberg explained that he wanted the book to relate to all people whether they are LGTBQ or straight and to teach kids to remain open-minded. He also avoids terms like "fetus" and "embryo" and sticks to the word "baby" to make it more user-friendly. He has received backlash from conservative groups, but it hasn't stopped him from coming out with another book which he hints will target older kids and will cover the different ways to get pregnant including IVF, sexual intercourse and so forth.  

I'm so glad that someone finally had the cojones to come up with a brilliant book like this! I think kids nowadays know A LOT more than I did when I was their age so this 'bird and the bees' nonsense isn't going to cut it anymore. I agree that they deserve to have the right information given to them in a way that is age adequate. I can't wait to check out Silverberg and Smyth's next book when it is released!

What Makes a Baby Book Trailer from Cory Silverberg on Vimeo.

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