Diaper tweets parents to let them know when baby pees & it's TMI (VIDEO)

Huggies in Brazil has debuted a product that will send you a tweet whenever your baby pees. TweetPee consists of a cute little birdie sensor that you attach to your baby's diaper, when the sensor senses moisture, it sends you a tweet letting you and the twitterverse know that your baby just peed. It's up to you whether you want to retweet the info to all your followers or not.


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I am what you would call a social media mom. I stay connect on social media pretty much every day. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or my blog Unknown Mami (yes, all shameless plugs). Social media makes my life easier and better in many ways, but not once have I wished that it would let me know when my baby just peed. If I am within range of being able to change my baby's diaper, but I need a tweet to tell me when it's time, then something is wrong. I'd say that if I need a tweet to notice when my baby needs a diaper change, then I need to get off Twitter and pay more attention to my child.

TweetPee will also let you know when you need to buy more diapers. Thank goodness, because looking in the drawer where we keep our diapers is so exhausting and time consuming. NOT!

I could see this technology having practical applications in say nursing homes where the residents may not speak up when they need to have their absorbent underwear changed. Even then, I'm not sure sending tweets about it is such a great idea.

Check out the video for Huggies TweetPee. It is in Portuguese, but pretty self-explanatory.

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