Google's Mother's Day tribute is so touching it might make you cry (VIDEO)

Mother's Day is celebrated once a year but we know that moms should be acknowledged everyday! Leave it to Google to remind us that as moms we're there for our kids through thick and thin in the sweetest ad I've ever seen. The moving commercial may even bring tears to your eyes--it's THAT touching. Seriously, the spot reminds us that our mothers and (us too!) are more than just the women who do our family's laundry or make our kid's lunches. In fact you should check it out for yourself. I'm sure you'll find more than one scenario to relate to!


In the footage titled "Here's to the Moms," an upbeat song is synced to a video that has a sweet thank you message, and shows a variety of different moms everywhere and their huge roles in their kids' lives. Realistically, it would take MORE than a video to thank all the moms out there for the love they've provided their kids throughout the years, but we'll take this for now! The collaboration of YouTube videos couldn't have been chosen better and make for the ultimate Mother's Day ad.

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Enjoy, and don't be surprised if you find yourself smiling, sharing this sweet video with your own mom, and even shedding a little tear. Happy Mother's Day!

Image via YouTube

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