Once when I was a kid, I bought my mother this awesome chocolate gift that spelled out "M-O-M" in chocolate for Mother's Day. I bought it from another kid that was selling them door-to-door. Now, I thought this was a super gift and I spent what seemed like a bundle on it at the time: $5. Never mind that my mother had given me the $5.

I couldn't wait to give the gift to my mother. Finally, when I gave it to her, I was shocked that she didn't immediately tear into it and devour my chocolate homage to her. She thanked me and left it in the box, so I did what any sugar-addicted child would do. I ate it.


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Later when she came looking for it, I had to tell her that I ate her gift. That was probably the worst Mother's Day gift-giving I have ever done. No doubt now that I am a mother, I will end up with some pretty awful gifts myself. It's fine, they make for good stories, but I thought I would put together a list of 5 terrible gifts for Mother's Day so that you or your loved ones don't make the mistake of giving them to a mother you care about.

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