Teens seem to come up with more and more stupid things to do all the time. They run the gamut, from enlarging your lips via suction (the Kylie Jenner lip challenge), swallowing dry cinnamon, or using salt and ice to burn your body. And have you heard of the Burt's Bees challenge?

They're all idiotic and dangerous--and every parent should know know about these 15 most dangerous teen trends. 


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Image via YouTube

Condom snorting 1

Condom snorting

Image via YouTube

Words cannot describe how disgusting this is. Nor can they explain why in the world someone would think snorting a condom this is a good idea! What is wrong with our teens today?


Rainbow parties 2

Rainbow parties

Image via ebbandflo_pomomam/flickr

If you're thinking rainbows and unicorns for a child's birthday party, think again! Rainbow parties are basically this: girls wear different color lipstick and perform oral sex on one or several guys leaving them with a rainbow of colors.  


Salt & ice challenge (graphic image) 3

Salt & ice challenge (graphic image)

Image via West Penn Allegheny Health System

Teens are pressing salt and ice against their skin for as long as they can take the burning pain, which is similar to frostbite. Many times, this stupidity leads to severe injuries like the second-degree burns this 12-year-old boy from Pittsburgh sustained on his back last  year. 

Getting drunk on hand sanitizer 4

Getting drunk on hand sanitizer

Image via hodag/flickr

Hard to believe, but since they have a hard time getting their hands on real alcohol, some teens have been known to turn to hand sanitizer to get drunk. Last year, six teenagers ended up in the ER suffering alcohol poisoning after gulping down hand sanitizer in California.


Cinnamon challenge 5

Cinnamon challenge

Image via abbyladybug/flickr

Although I love all things cinammon, it would never in a million years occur to me that it'd be a good idea to try to swallow a whole spoonful just to see what will happen. 

Vodka eyeballing 6

Vodka eyeballing

Image via Vikingfjord US/flickr

This one sounds like one of the craziests things I've ever heard. But apparently it's become popular among college students. What they do is tilt their head and allow someone to pour a shot of vodka directly onto their eyes. This gives them a super quick buszz when the alcohol enters the bloodstream via the veins at the back of the eye. WTH?


Trunking 7


Image via mouton.rebelle/flickr

In many states, kids can't drive with passangers when they first get their driver's license. To avoid this, some have come up with the stupid and extremely dangerous idea known as trunking, which means having passangers ride inside the trunk. Two teens died this way back in 2005 and California made trunking ilegal... but kids still do it.

Choking game 8

Choking game

Image via muhawi001/flickr

In case you haven't heard, YouTube is full of videos that pretty much teach teens to do the most outrageous stunts--such as choking themselves to get high. For more than one teen, imitating what they see on YouTube has ended up killing them.


Butt chugging 9

Butt chugging

Image via MTV films

Yes, I guess the photo says it all. As weird as it sounds, some college students think the best and quickest way to get drunk is through their anus! ¡Qué anormales! Not only is butt chugging totally stupid, but is extremely dangerous!

Car surfing 10

Car surfing

Image via KiwiMunted/flickr

Kids simply don't get how quickly their lives can end when they do stupid stunts like this one known as car surfing. I know that the whole point is to get the rush of doing something dangerous, but if only they knew how dangerous it actually is...


Huffing freon 11

Huffing freon

Image via geekmojo/flickr

I was shocked to learn that earlier this year a 12-year-old girl died after inhaling freon from her the AC unit in her grandmother's home. I'd never heard of it, but apparently it's called "huffing" or "bagging" because kids put a bag over their heads and the AC unit and inhale the deadly chemical to get high.

Synthetic weed 12

Synthetic weed

Image via health.com

Late last year, I was in shock when I learned about Emily Bauer, a teen who was left permanently brain damaged after smoking synthetic marijuana known as K2 that she bought at a gas station! Seems harmless, but it obviously isn't!


Vodka-soaked tampons 13

Vodka-soaked tampons

Image via VIME

Although this has been discredited as a hoax, according to several TV news reports it is true and it's an ever-growing trend. Called "slimming" girls can either insert the vodka-soaked tampons into their vaginas or into their rectums, which is the preferred method since it gets them drunk quicker. ¡Qué horror!

Kylie Jenner challenge 14

Kylie Jenner challenge

Image via Twitter

This stunt went viral as teens uploaded their photos and videos of their enlarge lips by using a bottle's suction effect. It was all to replicate Kylie Jenner's plump lips. Sadly, there are dangers that can lead to circulation issues and damaged tissues in the lips. Also, we now know that the reality star admitted to injecting fillers in her lips.