20 Signs that you were raised by Latino parents

Growing up Latino is a point of pride for us--and we wouldn't change that experience for the world. I always knew there was something different about my parents (you either pick up on it early on or later, when you meet people who were not raised by Latino parents).

We may roll our eyes at some of the things our parents did (and do), but you have to admit, growing up Latino is an amazing experience. So check out our list of ways to tell if you were raised Latino.

If you recognize three or more of the following scenarios, you were undoubtedly raised by Latino parents:


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1. Everyone comes to the party ... four hours after the arranged time. You usually have to tell everyone the event begins two hours before it actually does so they'll be on time. Even then, many are late.

2. You always had a jacket or a sweater with you, even in the dead of summer, because you mom never stopped thinking you would get cold at some point.

3. Your abuela firmly believes that if you don't use socks, you'll end up with pneumonia.

4. Your parents or abuelos invest a huge portion of their salary in feeding the entire family on Sundays, and spend an equal amount of money in trying to keep you always "healthy and chunky." Then, sometimes call you "Gordita".

5. Food without adobo or chile is not food.

6. Even though your friends think Latinos are "machista", the fierce influence of your abuela could only be described as Stalin-esque.

7. When relatives visit, you meet cousins that you had never before seen in your life, because you have about 490 of them spread all over the world. They come in large groups and make themselves at home in your living room for at least a month.

8. People stare when you talk to your mom on the phone. For the record: No, we're not screaming or mad! THAT'S JUST HOW WE TALK!

9. The five-plus you spend at restaurants with your clan drives waiters crazy wherever you go.

10. Your abuela/tía/prima also tries to take everything from the bread basket to the silverware to the sugar packets with her when you leave that same restaurant.

11. You may be 42 years old, but your parents are still paying for the humongous Quinceañera party they threw for you.

12. You know the meaning of "chancleta" or "el cinturón," but more importantly, you know their implications.

12. You are completely adept at preparing kickass tamales, arepas, pasteles or any other typical dish that involves fitting as many calories into as tiny a portion possible.

13. You had to lie to your non-Latino friends about not being able to sleep over their house because your parents simply thought that entire concept was crazy.

14. You were dressed up as either el Chavo del Ocho, la Chilidrina, or el Chapulín Colorado for at least one Halloween.

15. One of your happy uncles/cousins/brothers may have by mistake passed out drunk during your wedding.

16. They made you wash the dishes in your house all the time, but your brother was exempt from the chore because "he's a boy."

17. You clap every time the plane touches down in your native country when you go back to visit...and so does everyone else in your family.

18. Vicks VapoRub is used as the magical cure-all that is for everything from colds to burns to dry, cracked skin by everyone in your family.

19. You heard "Sana, sana, colita de rana" every time you hurt yourself.

20. And finally, your parents would give up anything just so they could give you everything you needed. They were determined to help you get ahead and raise you right. And even if your 20, 30 or 40, you will always be their baby.

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