4 Things my almost-toddler is doing RIGHT NOW that are driving me crazy

Okay, so you all know I adore my son, right? I really, really do. But in all honesty, he has been driving me absolutely nuts over the past few days. I swear it's sometimes like a little demon has taken over his body. I'm sure much of his erratic behavior is stemming from the fact that he's going through a lot of developmental stuff right now. At 10 months old, he is figuring out how to walk, learning new words, and starting to understand the relationships between things--and I'm sure it's all super-overwhelming, but as a new(ish) mom I often find myself at a complete loss about how to handle some of his wilder moments. Here are four of his baby behaviors that are driving me crazy:


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I'll start with the worst of them all--my son is already a tantrum thrower. I don't mean little over-in-30-seconds tantrums either. This kid throws full out, back-arching, push-people-away, scream-at-the-top of his lungs tantrums. Most of the time it's because he can't have something he wants. You know, like the laptop power cord, or the dog bowls, or that dried up pea he found under the sofa, but sometimes I have no clue at all why he's freaking out. 

OH MY GOSH does my son hate having his diaper changed. I literally have to chase a poop-smeared baby butt around the house with a wipe in hand several times a day. Sometimes he lets us distract him with a toy or song, but not usually before he's already gotten poop on his foot or hand from twisting, turning, lurching, and grabbing so much. Oh yeah, and this battle sometimes results in one of the aforementioned tantrums.

PMSing women are not the only people subject to mood swings ... so are babies. Apparently babies can also go from gleefully chuckling one second to rolling on the floor in tears the next. This is a very new and altogether unpleasant occurrence in our house. I'm starting to think it might be related to tiredness, but really I don't have a clue what causes it the majority of the time. I just truly hope it's one of those things that passes over time. 

No does not mean no. My little guy is definitely starting to understand what "no" means and I'm finding more and more that he deliberately repeats behaviors that I steer him away from. For instance, last night I was cooking dinner and he kept trying to open the broiler door. I would remove his hand, tell him no, and give him something else to play with, but he  just got ticked off and continued going for that dang door for like 15 minutes. Please tell me he'll learn to obey soon!

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