Gisele Bundchen takes 3-month-old daughter on ATV ride proving that she is totally crazy

We all know that Gisele Bundchen has no qualms when it comes to speaking out about motherhood and the "right" way to have kids. So I have to say, I was pretty shocked when I spotted a photo of the Brazilian supermodel riding an ATV during a recent vacation to--all while her 3-month-old daughter, Vivian, was strapped to her chest!

 Um ... is she crazy?! Talk about an irresponsible parenting move.


In the picture, Bundchen and husband, Tom Brady, ride on the ATV on a beach in Costa Rica. And though the model looks ridiculously fit in her bikini just months after baby (seriously, how does she do it?), I personally couldn't take my eyes off little Vivian, who Bundchen was cradling in a carrier hooked to her chest. Looking at the photo, all I could I do was wince and think, Oh my god, please just stop driving and get the baby off that damn thing! Does she really not realize how dangerous it is for her to be riding that with her practically newborn daughter strapped to her body like that?

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Yes, I know that they were probably driving really slowly, but honestly I don't care. Accidents can happen at any time, without warning and parents should know better than to put their kids in a situation where they could be at risk. If something had happened and they had unexpectedly toppled over, their baby would've been seriously injured.

Their stupid actions are especially infuriating given how obnoxiously opinionated Bundchen has been in the past about parenting issues, proclaiming that all moms should have natural at-home births and that breastfeeding should be a law. Right, but letting your 3-month-old recklessly ride on an ATV is just dandy?

Maybe she should stop paying so much attention to what others moms are doing and start being a little more careful with her own kids.

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