2-year-old girl was tied up by daycare teacher & you won't believe why!

You wouldn't believe my rage when I found out about the case of a teacher that allegedly tied tied the wrists and ankles of a 2-year-old girl because she didn't want to nap! I immediately thought of my son, Santiago, who is 3 and a half years old. My little guy stopped his naps recently and he's the only one in his preschool class that doesn't sleep the afternoon nap anymore. Let me tell you, if I EVER found out that one of his teachers did something like this to force him to nap, I don't know what I would do (but I know it wouldn't be pretty)!

In the case of this California toddler, it seems, the teacher was also so stupid that after she used adhesive tape to tie up the little girl, she took a picture and shared it with her coworkers. Can you say dumb?


Thinking about it, I shouldn't call her dumb--after all, it was thanks to this picture that her deed was discovered. Even though the awful teacher doesn't work at the daycare anymore, police are investigating the incident. I honestly can't understand when I read news like these why some people decide to care for kids when it's so obvious that's not their thing.

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Besides this, the fact that my son is no longer napping at his preschool worries me a little. His teachers say that at least he's just calm and stays on his mattress, and the one time he was rowdy, all the teachers had to do was talk to him so that he'd be more quiet and not disrupt his friends' naps.

I'd like to say that I'm 100 percent sure that my son's teachers wouldn't never, ever do something like tying him up ... but sometimes it's true that you can't trust everyone. It's a little sad that us working moms have to leave our kids with others, and all that we can do is pray that nothing happens to them and that they're in good hands.

In the case of this little girl, I hope this teacher gets what she deserves after the investigation is complete.

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