Before the birth of my son, I read a single book on breastfeeding. It had a lot of great advice for getting started and handling problem situations, but once I actually started nursing, I found it lacked a lot of practical tips that would have been awesome to know ahead of time. One of those things was what specific products would prove helpful--invaluable even--throughout the course of my nursing relationship with my little guy. I'm going to share with you some of the products that have helped me continue to nurse my son for almost a year now--some of them you've probably heard of, but there are a few that might surprise you.

Check them out below.

Add Comment Did I miss any products? Which did YOU find helpful during breastfeeding?

Make breastfeeding a breeze with these 9 miracle products

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Boppy Pillow

It takes some practice to figure out how to position the Boppy in the most comfortable and useful way, but it's worth the effort. Nine months in and we still use it daily. It provides support, keeps baby close, and provides a soft surface for him to lay on. There are other breastfeeding pillow options, but at $42 with a cover, the Boppy is efficient and affordable. Boppy, $41.99

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Add Comment Did I miss any products? Which did YOU find helpful during breastfeeding?

I have a few of those.

Yep pretty much, you nailed it 

My nursing bras and boppy pillow were my lifesavers during breastfeeding.
Oh, and stretchy tees were my main wardrobe, lol. It was more comfortable than anything else and easy to maneuver when it was time to nurse.

No, I thingk you cover most of them.  :)

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