Little boy hilariously freaks out over mom's mud mask! (VIDEO)

Every woman has her own beauty tricks for keeping her skin as smooth and flawless as possible--sunscreen, moisturizer, etc. Unfortunately for the young kid in this video, his mom's preferred method is a blue-colored mud mask. All it takes is one look at his mom's new face and the little boy starts to hilariously freak out!

Luckily for us, his reaction was caught on tape. Watch it below--trust me, it'll have you laughing out loud.


In the clip, the little boy is sitting in the bathtub, crying loudly. "Daddy!" he wails when his father enters the room.When his dad asks him what's wrong, he just points--which is when the camera pans to his mom, whose face is completely covered in a blue face mask!

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When she tries to comfort him by explaining that it's just lotion and that she's okay, he falls silent for one minute ... only to burst into tears all over again!

Hahaha, aww! Poor kid! He's obviously has no idea what the heck is going on. Still, his reaction is pretty freakin' funny, if only because it seems like he's truly convinced that his mom has somehow turned into a blue-faced monster.

See his dramatic reaction for yourself below:

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