If  there is one thing Latina women have in common it's that they have strength to do anything on their own and the resilience to get over the most difficult hurdles in life. Take for example the amazing Latina celebrity moms in Hollywood. They manage to maintain a career while taking on the mommy role and look great while doing so!

Most especially, though, we admire the single Latina celebrity moms who don't have a man by their side to help them with the kids. Unfortunately, many of them have gone through divorces, but they have shown how quickly they jump back from being kicked down. Whether they have one child like Christina Aguilera or two like Jennifer Lopez, these moms accomplish being there for their kids everyday despite their busy schedules. So which mommies are we talking about? Read on to find out!


Being a single mom is a tough job especially since you have to do your best to maintain a normal lifestyle for your children and yourself. Sometimes single moms feel alone because they don't have a husband to do the grunt work for them, but this only makes them stronger individuals.

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Which is why we thought the perfect thing to do is to celebrate those celebrity mommies who do it on their own and still manage to look fabulous at the end of the day!

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