The secret weapon of Latino parents is finally revealed! (VIDEO)

Have you ever wanted to know the secret to Latino parenting? I know I do! To be honest, there's a lot of information in parenting books about how to properly raise your kids. There's information about how to get them to pay attention to you and how to stop fighting with their siblings. But, honestly, sometimes it feels like you can read a million books and still not know the answer. Lucky for us, though, the secret to Latino parenting has finally been revealed in the hysterical video below!


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In Mun2TV's video The Secret of La Chancla, featured below, we see just how Latino parents use their chanclas, or slippers, to whip their kids into shape, literally. Okay, so beating your kids isn't really all that okay these days, but I definitely grew up in a household where this was a pretty common occurrence. The minute that my mom pulled off her chancla, I knew I had it coming because I had done something really bad and totally deserved it. 

The video is really funny and actually kind of a perfect example of the way Latino parenting can be different from American parenting. If you grew up in a pretty traditional Hispanic household (like I did), then this was definitely a common experience. It wasn't because your parents didn't love you, it was just how they expressed their, well, displeasure because you did something naughty. That chancla just keeps these kids in line. Well ... watch below and you'll see what I mean!

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