Little girl in Florida officially has 3 parents on her birth certificate

It looks like we're really on our way to recognizing the power of family--a modern family, that is. A judge in Florida has approved that a 22-month-old baby girl will have all three of her parents on her birth certificate, a married lesbian couple and a gay man. This is all after a two-year paternity battle between the couple and their friend who donated his sperm but then wanted a larger role in the baby girl's life.


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The birth certificate will now include the names of the biological father and both women as parents. It's a bit of an unusual arrangement, but it's all been approved by the Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge. Unfortunately, it seems that the modern family isn't all as happy as they could be since the 3-parent arrangement wasn't exactly what the mothers had in mind. Their attorney, Kenneth Kaplan, explained to Reuters

When push came to shove, they figured he would understand the situation. The mistake they made, however, was there should have been a written document spelling out what his rights and responsibilities were going to be.

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Although getting this family together was a little tricky, the two moms now believe that they are doing the right thing because they "want Emma to have it all" and believe that including her biological father in some family outings will be in her best interests. In the end, it's all about family love, isn't it? One of the mommies, Cher Filippazzo, says that they "believe the best interest for Emma is for him to have a role in her life."

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