Awesome waiter gives parents a discount for having "well-behaved kids"

Bringing younger kids to a restaurant can be kind of tricky. When I was a toddler, I was (apparently) an absolute nightmare when it came to eating out. The way my parents tell it, I would repeatedly push my utensils off the table just to make other people pick them up! Oops

Luckily for my poor mom and dad, it was just a phase and I grew out of it quickly, but plenty of other parents face the exact same problem: one minute your kid is an angel and the next they're throwing an unholy tantrum that gets you the stink-eye from everyone in the room. That's probably why one restaurant waiter was really impressed when one family's children were so polite at the table--so impressed that he gave the parents a discount for having well-behaved kids!


A Reddit user recently posted the above photo of a receipt from Sogno Di Vino, an Italian restaurant in Washington. Next to a $4 discount, the receipt reads "well-behaved kids." Um ... that's freakin' awesome.

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Okay, I realize that restaurants can't do this ALL of the time (especially because if parents of the not-so well-behaved kids found out what was happening, all hell would break loose), but I still think it's great that the family got some credit for their good parenting. I get it: Kids are kids and it's not always the parent's fault when they freak out, but it doesn't hurt to give moms and dads a little pat on the back when their children do behave well, right?

Plus, just think about how fed up those restaurant workers had to have been to give that discount. Dealing with poorly behaved kids while trying to do your job is difficult. I can see why they would want to go out of their way to reward those who make their lives a little easier.

Image via Reddit

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