My worst mami moment: I locked my baby inside the car

In the six and a half years that I've been a mom, I've had my share of moments where I felt like a really bad mami. But if someone were to ask me about my absolute WORST mami moment, I'd know exactly what to answer. Like most of these moments, it occurred fairly early into my journey as a first time mom. My daughter, Vanessa, was barely a year old and what happened was so terrifying that months after the incident I cired every single time I relieved the moment. In fact, I'm shuddering just thinking about it now.


It was a day like any other toward the end of the summer. My daughter and I had gone to the store to get some diapers. My husband was at a job interview, so I was driving his old minivan, which I wasn't really used to driving at all, so he could drive my new car. I got out of the car and, for someone unknown reason, I hit the lock all doors button before I closed mine. I walked around the back of the car so I could get Vanessa, and I immediately realized I'd left my purse with the keys inside the car I had just locked.

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I frantically started trying every door to see if perchance one was unlocked. Of course, none was. I tried to keep as calm as possible so as not to scare my daughter, but she must have sensed something was terribly wrong because she started crying, which only made matters worse. Crazily enough, although I had left everything inside the car, I did have my cell phone with me. 

Looking back, I realize I should've just called 911, but I called my husband instead wishfully thinking that he'd be nearby and would come to our rescue. He wasn't, and he immediately told me to call 911 or to break one of the windows with a rock or something, so I could get to our daughter.

I'll never forget that call to 911. I tried to remain calm, but I'm sure I was wailing while I told the operator what I'd done. I took the fire rescue a couple of minutes to get to the parking lot where I stood outside my car trying to appease my daughter through the window. A few seconds after they got there, she was in my arms again. I held her as tight as possible and asked her--and the fire fighters--to forgive me for being the worst mami in the world!

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What's your worst mami moment?

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What's your worst mami moment?

on Feb 19, 2013 at 7:33 PM
No. That is not the worst mommy moment. I watched one day as a woman put the baby's carrier on top of her car. She also put her purse and bag of McDonald's and her drink up top. She put her food and purse in the car after she on locked it. Got in and started the car and almost drove off with the carrier and baby still up there! I jumped in front of her waving my arms like a mad man. She was angry until she realized why I stopped her. Then she cried loudly about how she was the worst mom ever.
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on Feb 19, 2013 at 10:50 PM
This happened to me once and after that I always had a second set in my pocket. It was one of the worst moments ever but everything ended up being ok
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on Feb 20, 2013 at 3:14 AM

This didn't happen with my own kids, I learned my lesson when I was younger working as a nannie.  FORTUNATELY I had a spare set of keys in my bag, so the baby wasn't locked in the car for but a moment.  Freaked me out enought though that I always make sure I have my keys in hand before I lock the doors. 

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on Feb 20, 2013 at 8:43 AM

I know that feeling oh so well. I was leaving the restaturant and was putting m son in the car. The car was unlocked and when I was going around to get in the driver side, my son hit the lock button. That is when I realized that he had my keys. Let me tell you that I panicked, and didn't know what to do. Couldn't call my husband since he was deployed. I did call a locksmith who got out there pretty fast and one of my friend's who help me stay sane!

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on Mar 2, 2013 at 2:01 PM

That's one of my fears. But, we all have our scary moments. Once, I went out to the front porch so I can bring in a couple of my plants and accidentally locked myself out of the house with my 4yr old and two year old inside the house. Thank God I actually remembered to put my keys back on our key holder instead of absent mindedly putting them in a random spot. I was able to yell through the door and instruct my four year old to find my keys and slip them underneath our screen door. Good thing kids are observant and she knew where keys belonged even though she never uses them.

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