Dad FINALLY reunited with daughter given up for adoption without his consent

I love stories with a happy ending--and this one couldn't get any better! Not sure if you remember, but last month I wrote about a mom who'd given her baby daughter up for adoption without her Army husband's consent while he was stationed in another state. When she finally confessed to the dad, Terry Achane, he immediately called the adoption agency to voice his disapproval, but he was completely ignored. Achane fought back and even though his legal battle lasted almost two years, he finally got his daughter back when a judge ruled the little girl belonged with her dad. 

Father and daughter were just reunited and spent their first weekend together since she was born 22 months ago. Just thinking about that reunion makes me want to cry. 


I'm sure the transfer wasn't easy for the family that adopted the baby, but I don't feel too sorry for them because, according to the judge in this case, Jared and Kristi Freis knew Achane hadn't given his consent and "acknowledged this risk but decided they wanted to proceed forward with the adoptive placement anyway."

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I understand the Freis really wanted this adoption to go through, but they must have known that what they were agreeing to wasn't right. Meanwhile, I don't understand why the baby's biological mother didn't just tell Achane she didn't want to take care of their baby instead of putting her up for adoption. I'm sure the dad would've been fine taking full responsibility for his baby. Seems to me like a lot of pain and suffering would've been avoided!

I'm so glad the baby's finally with the person with whom she belongs. It breaks my heart to think what Achane must have gone through the last two years, but they have a whole life ahead of them to create new memories and get to know each other. If his undying desire to get his daughter back is any indication of the love he has for her, he'll be a great father.


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