Talk about embarrassing! A British mom recently had to be freed by the fire department after she got stuck in her son's highchair while drunk. Imagine trying to explain that one to the authorities.

Apparently, 31-year-old Serena Curtis was enjoying a girl's night in with one of her friends while her three kids were being looked after. But a couple of bottles of wine later, things got a little weird. Apparently fueled by the alcohol, Curtis decided it would be fun to sit in her son's highchair. So she wedged herself into the seat ... only to get herself completely stuck.

The pair tried for an hour to get her out, but eventually had to call for help. The fire department arrived to the bizarre scene and helped free her. "It's my son's highchair. I haven't told him yet," Curtis said. "I'll wait until he's a bit older."

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Okay, am I the only one who finds it a little worrisome that this woman is a mom to three kids? I get that this was all just a silly, drunken accident, but I still can't help wondering why a grown woman--even a very intoxicated one--would ever think it was a good idea to squeeze themselves into her child's highchair. Seriously? That's a pretty idiotic move ... especially since she then had to recruit the firefighters for help who probably could've better spent their time dealing with some, y'know, actual emergencies.

Still, at least Curtis had the good sense to hire a babysitter instead of just leaving her kids alone before drinking (which unfortunately, is more than some moms can say). Let's just hope she stays out of her son's stuff from now on!

Watch the video of the incident here:

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You know sometimes as moms, we have to act and look classy in front of our kids and spouses. But this mom, (love her) let loose. She thankgod had a sitter, and felt the need to have a blast with her homegirl. Men get shitfaced and do worse stuff. Why cant women? Its the drunken silly college drunken girl that came out, lol, getting drunk at home can be a bit boring, so she got creative. lol, better this, then leaving and drinkin and driving out.
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