Awesome baby storms stage at dad's concert & steals the show! (VIDEO)

Some kids are born to be on stage! Take for example, the little boy who completely stole the spotlight when he unexpectedly joined his father, a Christian singer, on stage during one of his concerts!


Coffey Anderson was performing a New Years Eve show in Irving, Texas, when--to the surprise of the audience members--an adorable little boy ran on stage and started dancing alongside him! Wearing a long t-shirt, little sneakers, and his pacifier, Anderson's son continued to scurry on and off the stage, dancing and wiggling the entire time!

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At some point, he even goes backstage and hands his pacifier off before running back to stand near his dad and continue dancing. Not that his dad minded not having the attention. "Go baby," Anderson encouraged, singing and playing guitar alongside his little boy.

EEEK, SO CUTE! Many little kids would have been scared by the loud music and the roaring crowd, but not Anderson's son. He doesn't even give it a second thought before taking over the stage. He just starts straight jamming alongside his dad like it's no big deal! Clearly, he has inherited his father's love for music and being on stage. Maybe one day, he'll follow in his footsteps and become a musician himself!  

Image via YouTube

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