Joining the ranks of the most incredibly creepy dolls of all time are the new zombie dolls! After 2012 saw its fair share of bizarre toys, it looks this next year is going to be no different. This latest eerie toy craze was created by 32-year-old Bean Shanine, owner of The Twisted Bean Stalk Nursery.

Shanine spends up to 8 hours a day making her "zombie babies," which come complete with vampire-ish teeth, pale skin, and--most frightening of all--dead, vacant eyes. Her creations started out as a hobby, turned into a business in 2010 and now, for reasons beyond my comprehension, have actually become a hit. Some of the dolls have even sold for as much as $1,500 to collectors all around the world!


Ugh, why would anyone ever buy these horrifying dolls? They are some of the creepiest things I've ever seen! I literally start shivering just from looking at them. Then again, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised. It's not the first scary toy to gain popularity. Check out some other infamously creepy kids' dolls here:

Image via The Twisted Bean

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