5 kids hilariously mispronouncing words! (VIDEOS)

Pronunciation can be difficult for even adults--so imagine just how difficult it is for little kids who are still learning to sound out some words. Many times, their cute attempts at saying certain things end up with hilarious results. And lucky for us, tons of parents have caught it on tape!

The latest adorable mispronunciation to be recorded? A sweet little girl who is obviously trying to say "banana!"  Check out her super funny clip below, as well as four other kids whose hysterically butchered words are sure to make you laugh: 


1. This cute little girl can't say "bananas!"


2. This cute kid is trying to say vacuum, but her pronunciation makes it sound like she's cursing!


3. Two adorable little girls try to teach each other to say "popsicles."


4. "Trucking" sounds a lot less PG when this kid says it!


5. Once again, banana proves to be a very hard word. 

Image via YouTube

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