College student wins stalking order against obsessive parents

There's a fine line between parents being overprotective and, well, a little psychotic. And it seems like Aubrey Ireland's mom and dad were definitely crossing that boundary as, in a very unusual case, the 21-year-old woman just won a stalking order against them!


Apparently, Ireland's parents would make unannounced visits to the University of Cincinnati campus where their daughter was a senior. Sounds inconvenient, but not too bad right? Wrong! Ireland's mom and dad would also accuse her of drug use and promiscuity, told university officials she was mentally ill, and threatened to have her taken in for a mental evaluation. They also installed spyware on her laptop and cell phone!

Though Ireland refuted their claims and asked her parents to leave her alone, they never stopped their accusations. Eventually, they became such an issue that the school hired security guards to keep them away from their daughter's musical performances (she was often in involved in school plays). When Ireland cut off contact with her parents, they stopped paying her full tuition but the school also intervened then, giving her a scholarship so that she could continue her education.

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Finally, Ireland decided to take legal action. She filed for a civil stalking order against her parents and won. Ireland is now free to live her life the way she chooses and her parents are not allowed to have contact with her until September of next year.

Wow, what a crazy ordeal! I can't imagine having to hide from your own parents, especially while trying to make a life of your own at college. Still, I can't help but wonder what could've caused her mom and dad to start their insane behavior. Did they just miss their daughter after she went away to college? Did their worrying start out innocent and then take turn somewhere along the way? Either way, I'm just glad that Ireland can now simply enjoy the rest of her college experience and I hope that her parents get the help they need.

Image via Aubrey Ireland/Twitter

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