Spoiled brats complain about Christmas gifts they received on Twitter

I've always been told that when you receive a gift, it's the thought that counts. So when I learned about these ungrateful kids complaining via Twitter about the gifts they received on Christmas, I was completely shocked!

And what is more alarming about their complaints is the fact that it wasn't one or two kids, it was a WHOLE slew of random children ranting via Twitter that the gifts they received sucked. I don't know about you, but I'd say using the chancla in these circumstances are acceptable…


After the recent horrible events ranging from Hurricane Sandy to Sandy Hook, there were many without homes and family during the holidays. People have been counting their blessings after these tragedies for what they DO have…so to learn about these children complaining about gifts they received made me so angry!

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I don't know if it's that cultural ideals have changed, but clearly these kids don't have the slightest idea about the meaning of Christmas. One of the worst tweets read:

"Actually want to kill myself with what I got. Christmas surely gets worse every year, guaranteed." 

If that isn't dramatic and spoiled enough, you don't want to read the rest of the stuff these ungrateful kids tweeted. The site Sad and Useless gathered a list of tweets written by these children that are just disheartening. The worst ones are probably the ones where they complain about receiving the wrong technological device. Please, you're complaining that you got a Kindle, but wanted an iPad instead?

Another wrote:

"Woooow all I got for Christmas was gift cards, perfume, and slippers. My mom sucks at giving presents."

Well, boo-hoo, tell that to the kid who isn't guaranteed a meal everyday and doesn't have a roof over his head. If their parents saw the terrible things they were sharing with the Twitter-verse I'm sure they'd take back any presents they gave them for being so bratty. They're lucky they didn't get coal in their stocking!

I certainly intend on teaching my children the meaning of Christmas and that materials are the unimportant part of the holiday. It's nice to receive a gift you want, but it shouldn't overlook the importance of family and being fortunate to have everything you need. After the recent tragic events I'm surprised these kids aren't more grateful for what they have. I hope they soon get a reality check and realize how spoiled and bratty they sound by ranting online.   

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