New mom rap tells it like it is when it comes to motherhood! (VIDEO)

I don't know about you, but all these Christmas commercials with beautiful, perfectly put-together moms, well-behaved kids, in a ridiculously clean house and dressed in clothes are are immaculately pressed are starting to give me allergies. I'm glad that there's a new wave of imperfect parents that are rapping to admit what we all know: That raising kids is, at times, a real nightmare.

This morning, I came across one of the most recent videos of rapping parents that have hit YouTube. This one, with more than 1 million viral views, is about a British mom who raps about the troubles she has while raising her three cherubic kids. Her rap is tight and she has a Fiat 500L in her garage--instant cool!


Even though I don't have a British bone in my body and this mom's blond hair is replicated on my own head with some supermarket boxed color, I really identified with this mom who shows her nursing bra as a bulletproof vest, misses her pre-children spotless house, and resents when we're made to feel like criminals if we aren't able to breastfeed our babies.

Sleep deprived, and under house arrest. / Think I'd sell both kidneys just to get some rest!

And with that verse, I felt like she was one of my closest friends!

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Maybe it's because the song was written by professionals (and I bet they were women) and even though it's a really clever ad for Fiat (they produced it), I feel like it totally hits the nail on the head. I love that all these behind-the-scenes, hidden part of being a mamá are coming out, because for years I've resented the fact that no one tells it like it is, it's almost as if it was one big communal secret how hard it is to be a mom.

No one tells you how horrible pregnancy can be, that nausea sometimes means vomiting that can often last all nine months. They also don't tell you that the baby who sleeps through the night at 3 months old is a total myth, and that the worst stage when raising a child is from 2 to 5 years old.

The worst and best part of all is that a little hug, sad little eyes and a sweet "Mami, I love you" are enough to make us forget all the suffering--and even make us convince other unsuspecting women that motherhood is amazing, all happiness and joy. Or worse yet, that we ourselves want to have more than one kid and go through everything all over again.

I know the PR execs at Fiat launched this campaign to convince us that even if we're going crazy, we can be cool like Jay-Z and Beyonce if we have one of their cars, but I love the humor and the truth that the whole song holds.

Watch below and enjoy!


Image via YouTube

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