Shocking video of a Golden Eagle snatching toddler is a hoax!

It's bad enough parents have to protect their kids from all the bad things that go on in the world, but now they have to worry about birds too? A shocking video has gone viral of a golden eagle snatching up a toddler in Montreal, Canada in an attempt to fly away with it.

What the heck?! Generally parents are quick to protect them of wild animals or slightly more threatening species, but a bird? How could a bird of all animals try to capture a child that way?


Although it is unknown who this child is, the videographer definitely made it known that he was shocked by the incident. I would be too! That poor dad took his kids for a leisurely stroll in the park and almost lost one because an eagle swooped down and tried taking him.

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Thankfully the child seemed ok despite being dropped mid-air by the eagle. But much to everyone's surprise, the video is a hoax! A few theories that stemmed from it was that the YouTube user only has that video on their account, it was not reported by Canadian media, and had flawed CGI video. But the most vital reason, as told by bird expert, Kenn Kaufman, Golden Eagles are seldom seen in Canada--plus the bird in the video isn't even a Golden Eagle!

All these theories held true as it was learned that the video was the work of students at the Montreal-based animation and design school Centre NAD which they created in a production simulation workshop class.

Phew! It's a relief that the incident in the video wasn't real! But it was convincing enough to get the web world talking and I'm sure these students will be getting an "A" in their class. I mean if I could successfully pull of a hoax like, the least the professor could do is acknowledge how convincing their project was!

 Image via Youtube

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