One thing every parent always says is that kids grow up too fast! I can relate because I feel that way about my cousins. As the second oldest of them all, sometimes it seems like I just blinked and my 5-year-old primo was suddenly in his first year of college!

I experienced that same sense of surprise when I recently came across a picture Mariah Carey had tweeted out of her son, Moroccan, hanging out in his pajamas. With photos of celebrity moms and their children constantly being plastered on magazine covers and all over the Internet, it's easy to remember what the kids once looked like...which is why I was shocked to see how much Moroccan had grown! Doesn't it seem like she just gave birth a few months ago?!

But he's not the only celebrity child that has shot up a few inches seemingly overnight. Below, check out other famous Latino kids who have grown up right before our very eyes:


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