Christmas is only a few weeks away! It's hard to believe that time has flown by so fast and that we're almost in mid-December--especially because many of us (including myself) have yet to start our holiday shopping.

But don't panic! We know that you're busy so we did the research for you. After scouting the Internet for the best toys, we found 12 items that are perfect for boys and girls in from the ages of 7-12. They're fun, educational and all under $50!

Check them out below and start buying!

Story Cubes 1

Story Cubes

This game only has 9 cubes, but it allows for an infinite amount of ways to come up with stories! Kids can play by themselves or in a group...all they have to do is let their creativity take over. Perfect for a stocking stuffer!

Uncommon Goods, $7.50



Heart for Heart Doll 2

Heart for Heart Doll

Do your 7 or 8-year-olds love playing with dolls? Get them the perfect gift while still giving to a good cause. Heart for Heart has dolls from all different cultures (like from Dell the USA, Rahel from Ethiopia and Nahju from India). The one you see above is Conseulos from Mexico! But the best part? When you buy a Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children's causes in those countries!, $25.22


The Natural Beauty Book 3

The Natural Beauty Book

The Natural Beauty Book gives kids ages 10 and up a "complete home spa experience in a book." Features more than 60 simple DIY recipes, for everything from bath salts to hair rinses, this will teach your girls to rely on natural remedies for their beauty fixes. Attached to the book is a personal spa kit, including a facial loofah, a nail brush, a pumice stone, vials of fragrant essential oils, and more., $24.95

Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS 4

Art Academy for Nintendo 3DS

Make your child's Nintendo 3DS esperience a little more educational with this an interactive game that teaches real world art techniques., $29.99


TOMS shoes 5

TOMS shoes

Because what child doesn't need a stylish but functional pair of shoes? They have tons of styles to choose from for boys, girls and some that are unisex. And for every pair you buy, they give one to a child in need!


Snap Circuits Green - Alternative Energy Kit 6

Snap Circuits Green - Alternative Energy Kit

This toy helps those budding scientists learn about green energy options and they can build over 125 projects with these alternative energy circuits. Plus, it has gotten rave reviews! $37.99


Baking Around the World Kit 7

Baking Around the World Kit

Is your child a mini-baker? This set provides a bunch of recipes for desserts around the world, from from the USA to Mexico! It also comes with its own whisk and baking cups!, $25


Princess by Vera Wang Necklaces 8

Princess by Vera Wang Necklaces

These necklaces by Vera Wang are so cute for your pre-teen daughter. They come in a wide variety of styles and are also super affordable.

Kohls, $10.40


Sleuthing Kit 9

Sleuthing Kit

Let your kid play detective by getting them this kit that allows them to take fingerprints, learn codes, and includes a flashlight, a magnifying class, a secret market pen and more., $49.99

The Book Club Kit 10

The Book Club Kit

Get your child interested in reading with this American Girl Book Club Kit, which includes invitations, bookmarks, and calendars to help girls start their own book club.

Barnes & Noble, $21.89


Book of Spells for Playstation 11

Book of Spells for Playstation

This e-book/game for Playstation just came out in November and is already coming highly recommended. Why? It features the "Book of Spells" written by Harry Potter author, J.K Rowling. As kids turn the pages, they can use a wand to make things happen on the screen, which means they can keep themselves entertained as they read!, $39.99

Kids Spanish Kit 12

Kids Spanish Kit

This kit includes over 200 double-sided, magnetic word tiles with a Spanish word on one side and its English translation on the other. It's the perfect way for kids to not only delve into writing poetry, but also help them learn or practice their Spanish!, $14.11