Would you hire a drug-sniffing dog to search your teen's bedroom? (VIDEO)

Some parents will go through great lengths to make sure their kids are not doing drugs, but hiring a drug-sniffing dog seems like a tad too much. Some parents, however, see nothing wrong with it and are paying up to $500 to have a canine come to their homes to search for drugs. According to Kristen Maurer, owner of Confido Searches, her white German Shepard, Roxy, can find drugs where parents can't find them. And that's because Maurer says parents don't think to search for drugs in places such as air-conditioning vents, for example. 

Once Roxy alerts Maurer that she can smell an illegal substance, the dog owner lets parents know where to look.


Parents who've used her service in Texas have said that it helped them get the evidence they needed to confront their kids about their drug use. But opponents believe bringing the dog into the house is an invasion of privacy and will do nothing to create a trusting relationship between the parent and child.

I don't see the invasion of privacy bit because I think that as long as my kids are living under my roof there's not much of a sense of privacy. But I do feel like it's one of those extreme parenting tactics that is highly unnecessary--especially because most parents agree that by the time their ready to hire a drug-sniffing dog's services, it's because they already suspect something bad's going on.

Plus, a dog like Roxy might be able to find drugs at the home she's hired to check, but what if your kid is hiding his stash elsewhere? There have to better ways to deal with this issue other than hiring a dog like Roxy.


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