Grinchy teacher tells her kindergarten students Santa isn't real

If my daughter's kindergarten teacher had told her Santa is not real, I would've been just as upset as Susan Tietz Gammage was last week when her 5-year-old girl, Aven, came home asking about the his existence. You see, Aven's teacher at her Austin, Texas elementary school was giving a lesson on real and imaginary things and had asked her students to draw one of each. When she saw Aven had drawn Santa under the "real" heading, she corrected her by saying he actually belonged under the "imaginary one."

But then, she went further, telling her students: "None of you believe in Santa, do you?" She then told the kids that it was their parents who put the gifts under the Christmas tree and to go back home and confront them about it. WTH?!?


First of all, what gives her the right to divulge such information to children who are not her own? If she want to be a Grinch or she has religious reasons for not wanting kids to believe in Santa, that's her freaking problem and she should keep them to herself.

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In all honesty, I don't see the purpose of her revelation--other than to break a bunch of little kids' hearts. I'm tired of people wanting to impose their own belief on others, especially when it comes to my children. I know several moms who refuse to "lie" to their kids about a big, jolly white-bearded man dressed in red being the one who brings them their presents, and I can respect that. But I wouldn't appreciate it if they went around telling my kids the truth. They are my kids and I choose to raise them how I want to. 

My daughter is 6 now and I'm actually surprised she hasn't asked if Santa is real just yet. I figured with so many kids in her class who've probably been told he's not, she would've said something by now. But I'm glad she still believes. Childhood is way too short for my kids not be believe in Santa and the magic of Christmas.

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