With the holidays here, moms just want to do their Christmas shopping as quickly and painlessly as possible...especially when shopping for our babies! While shopping for a baby can be relatively easy because you know they'll hopefully like whatever you give them (as long as it's bright and colorful!), you don't want to overdo it on toys or clothes. Honestly, you want the gift you give your little one to have significance. Even if it's not your baby, you also want the gift to be unique (so that not every other kid has the same thing!), right?

Which is why we've assembled a group of the best gifts for babies we found that are special, personal, and with a little bit of our Latino flair! You can make that little guy or gal in your life happy while showcasing your pride--and your baby's!--in our culture.



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I'm Mexican, So Bite Me bib 1

I'm Mexican, So Bite Me bib

Image via Shop Fanatico

How adorable will your little one look wearing this bib? But careful, if he looks too scrumtious you won't actually take the bib up on its word!

Shopfanatico.com, $8


Los Pollitos Dicen book 2

Los Pollitos Dicen book

Image via Barnes & Noble

I remember my mom and abuelita singing this nursery rhyme to me as a little girl. Pass on your abuela’s traditions with this adorable book. The best part: It's written in both English and Spanish which makes learning both languages easy!

Barnes&Noble.com, $5



Bilingual Baby Spanish DVD 3

Bilingual Baby Spanish DVD

Image via Amazon

Sometimes you just need to entertain your baby with something new. Why not introduce them to the bilingual world by gifting them this bilingual DVD? Watch them learn English and Spanish like pros in no time!

jr.com, $10

Pan Dulce cushions 4

Pan Dulce cushions

Image via Dos Borreguitas

I could not resist these adorable pan dulce pillows--I just want to eat them up! How irresistible will your infant's room or crib look decorated with these?

Dosborreguitas.com, $19


Canta y No Llores tee 5

Canta y No Llores tee

Image via Dos Borreguitas

Your little burrito will love this tee! Wait till they learn to talk and sing, then you’ll have a mariachi of your own at home!

Dosborreguitas.com, $19


Baby's first dolly- Hispanic baby doll 6

Baby's first dolly- Hispanic baby doll

Image via Patty Cake Doll

I never had a doll that I could relate to growing up, which is why I thought this doll was ideal for your little ones! The doll is soft and cushiony, perfect for babies!

pattycakedoll.com, $14


Piggy in their pocket hand warmer 7

Piggy in their pocket hand warmer

Image via Pattycake Doll

During the winter months, you want to make sure your bebé is bundled up. These hand warmers are the perfect solution to keeping them toasty when you’re out and about.

Pattycakedoll.com, $9

Ingenio bilingual flash cards 8

Ingenio bilingual flash cards

Image via Amazon

You want your baby’s toys to serve a purpose, right? So why not teach them the English and Spanish language through a game? These bilingual flash cards are perfect for your little one--now is the perfect time to get them learning!

Amazon.com, $7


Baby Abuelita mini Rosa doll 9

Baby Abuelita mini Rosa doll

Image via Toys R Us

I'm sure your baby will love this abuelita doll, that sings them happily to sleep, teaching them some Spanish nursery rhymes in the process. We love!

Toysrus.com, $14

'Tú Puedes Llamare: El Jefe' baby romper 10

'Tú Puedes Llamare: El Jefe' baby romper

Image via Shop Fanatico

I laughed out of loud when I saw this romper because, well, it’s true! Babies kind of are mommy’s our little bosses. Of course that changes later in life, but they can enjoy it for now!

Shopfanatico, $16


Personalized all boy football jacket 11

Personalized all boy football jacket

Image via Baby Sakes

Your little boy will look like quite the hunk in this personalized football jacket. Perhaps it will foreshadow an athletic career and he’ll have his very own letter jacket one day! baby-memory-books.com, $47

Cowboy booties 12

Cowboy booties

Image via Little Poco

Treat your little one to a pair of their own little cowboy booties! These adorable slippers will keep those toes nice and warm during the winter time, and rest assured they will get compliments on their stylish footwear.

Littlepoco.com, $24


Personalized holiday dress by Rarebits 13

Personalized holiday dress by Rarebits

Image via Garnett Hill

That little baby girl in your life will absolutely love this festive dress. Not only is it perfect for her to wear during these festive days, but your little fashionista can claim it as her own with her initials stitched right on it!

Garnethill.com, $99