Gift shopping every year can be a headache, but it's always harder when you're looking to buy for young kids. Scouting toy store after toy store for the latest cool gadget is exhausting...especially because some of the toys that are out there these days are just downright ridiculous. This year, we saw some particularly strange creations from dolls that breastfeed, fart, and carry babies to stuffed animals that require iPhones yet are targeted to babies (seriously).

So just to help you make sure you know what to avoid, here are the worst toys of 2012. Keep your kids far, far away!

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Worst toys of 2012

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Breastfeeding doll

We all know breastfeeding is a great and healthy practice for moms and babies...but I have to admit I think a breastfeeding doll targeted towards young girls is just weird. This one even makes makes suckling noises!

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A pregnant baby???? What the heck and a farting doll ugh
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