Gift shopping every year can be a headache, but it's always harder when you're looking to buy for young kids. Scouting toy store after toy store for the latest cool gadget is exhausting...especially because some of the toys that are out there these days are just downright ridiculous. This year, we saw some particularly strange creations from dolls that breastfeed, fart, and carry babies to stuffed animals that require iPhones yet are targeted to babies (seriously).

So just to help you make sure you know what to avoid, here are the worst toys of 2012. Keep your kids far, far away!

Breastfeeding doll 1

Breastfeeding doll

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We all know breastfeeding is a great and healthy practice for moms and babies...but I have to admit I think a breastfeeding doll targeted towards young girls is just weird. This one even makes makes suckling noises!


Farting doll 2

Farting doll

Image via YouTube

Manafactured in Korea, this doll eats from a little plate of food and goes in a little toilet, (both extra accessories which can be bought separately) and turns red when she lets out a little gas! My question is...why?


Pregnant doll 3

Pregnant doll

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Okay, technically this isn't a toy, it's "art"...but it's a toy-like doll that comes in a toy box, with instructions, so I think calling it a toy isn't too far of a stretch. Whatever it is, this thing is CREEPY. The doll itself is not only pregnant (complete with stretch marks and water that really breaks), but it's supposed fetus is pregnant too! Huh?!

Drag Queen Barbie 4

Drag Queen Barbie

Image via Mattel

This Barbie, marketed as a collector's item, wears a mini jeweled Corset dress with a white faux fur coat and slightly more makeup than what we typically see on the blonde other words, not at all like a real drag queen. Why bother even making one if your statement totally fails to come across?


Dart Zone Quick Fire 5

Dart Zone Quick Fire

Image via WATCH

This toy made it on the top 10 List of Worst Toys 2012 released by World Against Toys Causing Harm and for good reason! The ads essentially encourage children to load the gun's ammunition cartridge and fire "6 darts in seconds." And despite the fact that the manufacturer’s asked that this toy not be sold for children younger than 6 years old, it was marketed online for babies as young as 7 months old. HELLO?! Just a little dangerous, no?


Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey 6

Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey

Image via Fisher Price

The Apptivity Monkey is an interactive learning toy that "lets babies enjoy their very own apps on mom or dad's iPhone or iPod touch!" Sounds harmless enough...except that it's recommended age is 6 months and up. Why do 6-month-olds need to be playing with iPhones?! 


The Walking Dead RV Zombie action figure. 7

The Walking Dead RV Zombie action figure.

Image via Ironic Mom

This action figure is supposedly for ages 13 and up...but it's SO gory! Not only does the Zombie Man have a knife in his eye, but the toy has a "neck snapping action." Yuck! Plus, isn't The Walking Dead kind of a grown-up show? I can't say I know any 13-year-olds that watch it!

The Logo Board Game 8

The Logo Board Game

Image via Amazon

This game is perfect...if you want to expose your child to further advertising and drill annoying taglines into their head.


Stylin' Studio - Girl Tech 9

Stylin' Studio - Girl Tech

Image via BuzzFeed

This touchpad console allows girls to get "digital makeovers." They can change their hairstyles and makeup among other things...but isn't 8 years old a little young to start enforcing the "Photoshop is your best friend" mentality?

ToyBiz Shape Shifter Punisher 10

ToyBiz Shape Shifter Punisher

Image via BuzzFeed

Apparently, this item has been pulled off the shelves and I'm not at all surprised. As can be seen in the picture, the Shape Shifter Punisher from ToyBiz is inappropriate on SO many levels. Teaching kids to play with a toy that shoots things by shifting into all sorts of sexually suggestive positions? Thanks Toybiz!