Amazing 5-year-old hero saves parents from house fire! (VIDEO)

Five-year-old Matthew Hansen must be one of the world's youngest heroes. The little boy is making headlines for reportedly saving the lives of both his parents during a house fire!

Apparently, Hansen woke up at around 4 a.m. the morning before Thanksgiving with "clouds" impairing his vision. He shouted at his parents, who were sleeping across the hall, that he couldn't see and that there was something wrong with his eyes.  Though his exhausted mom and dad woke up, they told him that it was just dark out and to go back to bed.   

But the 5-year-old knew there was something really wrong.


Having learned about fire prevention at school, Hansen knew that "you're never supposed to hide and you're always supposed to call for help." He continued to call out to his parents and when his mom got up, she looked toward his room and saw smoke. After getting the little boy safely outside, his parents managed to get the fire (caused by a short circuit) under control before the fire department arrived.

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Fire administrators say that if Hansen had waited two more minutes to alert his mother and father, the family might have died in the house as the smoke would have blocked the exit.

Wow, isn't that amazing?! Thank goodness that Hansen obviously pays attention at school and that he followed his instincts and was able to wake his parents up! Plus, he remained so calm and collected. Most kids would have been terrified, but not Hansen…it's clear he is a leader in the making.

And I'm not the only one who thinks so. His local city council and fire department have even announced that they're going to give him an award..which is definitely deserved! Personally though, I'm just glad that everyone is okay and that everyone is recognizing the little boy's amazingly mature way of dealing with a crisis. His parents must be so proud!


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